SaddleBox Review

We had an exciting new product donor this year for Equine History 2019: SaddleBox. They very kindly sent me my own ahead of the conference so I could let folks know what to expect! The regular subscription is $34.95/month (you can also order a non-renewing gift subscription). Here is what my SaddleBox contained:

Tough 1 Genie Brush
with comb and braider bands

I had a hard time taking this away from Abdiel. I might have to get him his own (sans braiders). Very easy to clean, just brush against a post. Braider bands are large, suitable for heavy manes or turnout braids.

Epona Grooming Mitt
I was hoping this would help with the sand Buffy loves to scrub into her coat. I’m not sure why! It isn’t very good for sand, but it is great for sweat and dried mud.

Face brush- ultra soft!

Hoof pick with brush

Tough 1 Shedding Comb
I don’t use shedding blades much, but I was pleasantly surprised by this design. It works much better than the usual narrow loop. I’ll keep it around for spring.

A decorative ceramic boot, and a bumper sticker.
I’ve looked through previous SaddleBox extra gifts. Most of them aren’t my style, but they’re a fun addition.

And last but certainly not least, MannaPro Apple Nuggets. Buffy is a fan.

The best part? SaddleBox supports a variety of rescues.

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