Fishy Friend

   A couple weeks ago, we went to PetSmart for litter and came home with a fish. Like one does. A blue veiltail betta, to be specific. With an aquaponic tank. I broadcast seeded some catgrass (mostly oat) and that grew great. The basil was not so successful. I didn’t have enough of the little clay balls to support it at first, and the stems rotted. Ew. The cats are pretty thrilled with their new TV. grassScreen Shot 2018-08-08 at 3.20.34 PM







   Anyway. Back to the fish. His name is Belafonte. He’s quite active, and brave. He thought I was Godzilla for the first day, but know he knows I am the food bringer. He’s taken a pellet from my finger, and jumped for bloodworms. He likes his plants and furniture. Seems healthy. All good, right? Well, two days ago he decided that he absolutely would not eat anymore pelleted food. He wants the dried wormy treats. Like a cat that refuses the kibble and insists they will starve to death if you don’t give them the mushy food. I’m hoping he gets hungry before I need to give in.




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