Colors In Translation

     I had to share a few of these. Our names for coat colors seem so normal until we look at them in translation (or try to explain them to a non-horse person! “What do you mean he’s not brown?”). We think nothing of calling a horse mouse dun, but pél de rata- coat of rat- elicits a giggle. 

Mohrenkopf = German “moor head,” for blue roan.
Windfarben = German “wind colored,” for silver dapple.
Alézan Brulé = French “burnt chestnut,” for liver chestnut.
Valk = Dutch “falcon,” for buckskin.
Schimmel = German “mold,” usually for grey but also roan, varnish.

And, if google translate can be trusted (hmm), “svartskäck,” the Swedish for piebald (i.e., magpie colored) means “perky black.”

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