Wee, Tack Shop!

     We were back in Maryland for the holidays, and hit the post-Christmas sale at Stablemates. We used to go every year, but now it’s a special treat. I desperately needed new breeches (my full-seat devon-aires had outlasted many a newer pair, but at nearly a decade the seams were dissolving), and being very short but not very tiny this requires a sad mountain of trying things on and often disappointment. No disappointment this time! I love my new Tredstep Nero breeches, and oddly Alyse– who is much taller and smaller– loves hers, too. But, hey, lots of folks love treadsteps. They’re pretty darn nice and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

We also needed new spurs (I’d given away my prince-of-wales a few years back, and my western rowels weren’t really the right tool). We found a lovely pair of rounded blunts, but they didn’t come with straps. And most of the english straps they had were overly narrow, overly blingy, and not very supple. They did have a strange pair of rubber straps, these:


     We stared at them awhile, came back and stared at them again after trying on the aforesaid mountain of breeches, and eventually ended up buying them. They didn’t look too different (we got the black), and seemed pretty sturdy. They’re advertised as cheap and easy to maintain, but no one mentioned how *awesomely effective* they are.

     The spurs Do Not Move. No Wiggle. No Flip. And No Pinch! They fit snuggly and comfortably. I don’t think I have ever experienced spur straps that reliably did both.

      10/10, will buy again. Like, tomorrow. These were really Alyse’s, and I can’t keep stealing them.

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