Celebrity Catification

Normally, I am not a fan of celebrity endorsed/marketed projects. In fact, they usually annoy me. For example, I was working at PetSmart when the Martha Stewart line launched. Most of the products are priced at 2-4x similar, but un-named, items. Most of the items provided no innovation or advantage, and those that did tended to be minor (though, that line does often have a killer color scheme). Worse is the insane variety of bits, saddles, whips, etc. endorsed by celebrity horse trainers, especially when there are claims that “no other bit/saddle/flyspray/whatever will work” or that all other whatevers are “cruel,” even when there is often little difference. There are a handful of exceptions. Even smaller is the number of these items that aren’t horrendously overpriced.

So, here, I would like to offer my own endorsement (call it a PSA) of one particular celebrity product that is well worth the market price.


Yes, I watch My Cat From Hell. And yes, I love and adore Jackson Galaxy for his skill, his compassion, his mission, and his overall awesomeness. But, yet another celebrity marketed pet product? I was unconvinced.


(Cesar Millan dog water anyone?)

But they were on sale, and surprisingly comparable in price to other cat wands anyway. absmurder So we bought the bird.


Kill! My camera can’t actually keep up when they’re playing. 
All the ‘hunt’ pictures are blurrrrr.

Or maybe both. We ended up going back for the cricket (its not really called that, but we do). We have two cats with different preferences (they both love both toys, but each has a definite preference). They really are better. Way better. The cats play longer, they play harder, and then they are very happy mellow kitties and not little furry terrors twenty minutes later. They don’t get bored until they are well and truly tired. Also they’re fun to play with for us human folks, too.

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